Tobias O'Hehir

Raising the Bar

What We Do

We work with Barristers and legal professionals. We focus current practices, increase visibility in the industry with personal branding and  assist with business development, to grow practices or areas of expertise.



Focus your practice to meet your objectives and goals. Assess where you are now, to work out the best strategies moving forward. What are you going to do, and why?


Elevate your professional profile. Show your expertise and through strong digital presence and engagement with the legal industry. Show your clients 'why you'.


Build your personal brand and practice. Make sure your name is always top of mind with consistent and thoughtful engagement with your network. Remind your clients of your value.




Practice Assessment and Advice

Professionals focus on the work that is before them, and rightly so. However at different points of your practice, time should be given to assess the current level of success. We analyse your client/practice area mix whilst considering your overriding business goals and objectives.


Digital Presence  

Communicating a strong personal brand is essential. Your online information should represent you as a professional and reflect your current practice. Prospective clients check to see if you are the right fit for their legal or business issue, it is essential your profile is complete and conveys your unique value offering.


Engage and build your network

Once you have focused your practice, developed your personal brand and elevated your profile, it is time to work on building your business. Marketing is the hard stuff and can be challenging to navigate for legal professionals. However we integrate tried and tested techniques into your  professional practice.






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